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Free Posts
Run for up to 60 months and can be renewed for free. Ads for items for sale can be deleted or changed at any time by using your password, this is also the case with all other ads. The reason for the 60 month limit is to accommodate World Music List listings.  There is no charge for free posts though we do ask you to tell 2 of your friends about our service, and if you feel that you have benefited financially from listing with us, please consider contributing. See our "contributing" section for details.
Posts can be highlighted, for a fee.  Highlighted ads are subject to "Rated Posts" as to where they appear in the hierarchy.  

Free Post Categories:
All categories have a free post option now in World Music List Reloaded.

World Music List Posts
World Music List posts are posted by World Music List or it's freelance agents. It is our continuing desire to build a hub site that host links to the music world. This is done at random as we have time and come across links to music related web sites that fall within the categories of our site. If you don't see a link to your site please list one. If you would like to enlist your services as a posting agent or a fan event agent please see our Agent link.

Highlighted free posts:
Please click link to go to Highlighting Page for a description.

Rated Posts
Please click link to go to Rating Posts Page for a description. Rating your post will move it up in the highlighted post category.

Banner Ads
 Please click link to go to Banner Ads Page for a description, dimensions and pricing and submitting ads

Custom Ad Service
(If your creating an "specific instrument banner Ad" check out our Custom Ad Services)
Please click link to go to Custom Ad Services Page for a description.

FAQ page Ads
Ads on this Legal FAQ Help page or any other page are posted separately form contracted banner ads.

  Exchanged Banner Ads
World Music List provides many free classified Ads.  It is part of our vision to be a help to people in the music industry and individuals selling musical instruments with free ads, acting as a catalyst in the industry.  Our banner Ads help us to pay for the cost involved.  World Music List occasionally provides free banner Ads for a limited time to parties we wish to sponsor, or to an organization that hosts free services or education.  This is at our sole discretion.   If you wish trade a banner ad for an ad on your site please contact us with your request at:

Site Ads
Please refer to "Banner ads" page for details

Paying for a post & charges:
You can pay for your fee post automatically through PayPal with Credit or Debit card or with a PayPal account. World Music List keeps no information and your transactions are secured through PayPal.  If you prefer, you can pay by certified check or money order and send it to World Music List with your e-mail address, and we will post your ads, send  receipt by e-mail, or mail.

Membership Categories:
There are currently no Membership Categories or charges in World Music List Reloaded.


How to submit a post:
1.  You can submit a post by clicking the Post New Ad link on the "Top" (Home) page. This is the first page you come to at our site.  To get back to this page you can click the word "top" on any page you are on; then a "Choose Category" drop-down will be generated to choose a category.  You will then be taken to the place of a new ad form.  All fields with a red mark after the field name must be filled out.  The fields that state “Not Displayed” are for our internal information in the case that you contact us or to host the ad.  We do not give out this information. LANGUAGES, if you wish to submit a post in a language that can not be typed into the submission form, Ex. Chinese, type the text into your word processor and cut and past it into the form. Please remember the Language name and password fields need to be typed in English characters and numbers.

2.  Or you can click on any category, when on the category page, you click on the "Post New Ad" link in the top left column.

Privacy Mail:
You must provide us with an e-mail address to post the ad, but you do not have to display your e-mail address.  We provide a privacy mail link so that you can be contacted by someone interested in your ad and they do not see your e-mail address.  This keeps your address anonymous to the public.  You only have to use your e-mail address if you respond to their inquiry. 

We at World Music List strongly recommend you get a web-based e-mail address and not use your personal e-mail address.  There are may free web-based e-mail providers such as Hotmail. Gmail, Yahoo mail, to name a few

How to reply to post:
You can reply to a post in any way that the ad provides.  If there is no information provided, click on the privacy mail link at the bottom of the Ad's details page.

How to edit or delete a post:
1.  Posts can be edited or deleted by the poster at any time.  Simply go to the ad you want to edit/delete.  When on the ad details page, click on "Edit Ad" in the top right column. You will be provided with a log-in window with the default ad number.  Use your password and log in to make changes.

2. Ads can also be edited/deleted on the category page but you must also provide the ad ID number.  Ad ID numbers are assigned to an ad automatically and can be found at the top right corner of the ad on the details page.

How to include a picture:
Pictures can be submitted with your Ad at the time of posting at the bottom of the form.  The limit for size is 2200 Kbytes (approx 2MB each)  There is a 5 picture limit per Ad.  Pictures can be deleted in the "Edit Ad" form and a new picture can be submitted.  Pictures can include pictures of an item for sale or a business card or an advertisement you made that fits the size limit.  Any picture of an inappropriate nature or not music-related will be deleted along with the Ad, even if it is a fee Ad.

Sample Mp3s: Musicians and bands my include a sample MP3 file up to 5Mb in size with your ad.  Any MP3 of an inappropriate nature or not music-related will be deleted along with the Ad, even if it is a fee Ad. If it is brought to our attention that you do not own copyright to the MP3 you post the MP3 will be deleted along with the Ad, even if it is a fee Ad

Security (Privacy):
World Music is secure and committed to your privacy.  All of our on-line fee transactions are handled by PayPal either by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Draft through PayPal.  All of your account information is handled by PayPal by secure transaction.  World Music List does not provide any of your account information.  Any "not displayed” information that you provide to World Music List in connection with posting your Ad is  not shared with other parties outside of our organization.  This information is used for Ad posting and contact for lost password and in some cases one renewal reminder e-mail at the time your Ad or account is about to expire.  For those who wish to keep their e-mail address private, we provide privacy mail with all accounts.

You can list without any visible contact information.
We have a privacy mail feature. If you give us an email address (not in the shown email category) we will forward to you.
We encourage you to use a web based email like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.
Never give out your personal email address except to friend's family and close associates.
We also have an anti web crawler script that gives web crawlers fake email addresses if they try to penetrate our site.
No one can insure that you get genuine emails from legitimate buyers that will not try to negotiate you down in price.
But we try to give you some privacy options.
If you chose to list your contact details you should be aware they are open to use by the public.

Posting requirements:
All Ads posted must be music industry related and be in the appropriate category for the post.  Free Ads are free for 6 months.  Although it is not a requirement, we do ask that you tell 2 friends of your concession to help promote traffic to this site, and ultimately to help you get a reply to your post.  Banner Ads are an exception to the music industry rule but are subject to our discretion.  We reserve the right to not accept any banner ad without cause.

Why was my post deleted?:
We normally do not delete posts, but we reserve the right to delete any post at our discretion without cause.  If your post was deleted, it was usually due to the fact that it was not music-related or it was posted to an incorrect category.  Other causes for deletion of Ads would be inappropriate language or photos, or suspected spamming, harassment of other ad posters; or if we suspect you are dishonest in your intentions.

Reporting inappropriate posts:
If you find an offensive, inappropriate, or dishonest post, please report it to Ads  In the title of you message please use "Reporting inappropriate posts"; also an explanation and a translation.  We will look into the allegations and delete the Ad if we find it to be accurate, at our discretion,  Please provide the Ad ID number.

It would be nice to run a service to people with some hope of recapturing the cost without having our friends who post harassed.  Maybe we will fall under the good grace of all, even those with different views than ours, and we won’t have to delete or try to ban anyone.  We like to look for the good in others.  It is easy to find the bad.  It is at our discretion to prevent ads or admission to those who do not wish to be friendly.

Frankly, we never understood the mindset of spam.  After all, if you crap on someone's dinner plate, do you think that there is a high probability they will pay for it or eat it?  That being said, there are those who find entertainment in the sport of nonconformity and the hope that brain-washing will prevail, so we have instituted anti-spam measures and will continue to try to reduce it for our friends.  It is at our discretion to prevent Ads or admission to those who do not wish to be friendly and spam us.

Subpoenas, Etc:
We want to work within the limits of the law even if we don't always agree with it.  If we are forced by law to turn over our records and cannot find any other legal way to avoid this thing, we will have no choice but to comply. That being said, outside of that situation, we have no intention to hand over our records to anyone outside of a buy-out.  And we are not looking to sell.

Event Calendar:
Our event calendar is free to all.  We feel it is very comprehensive with the different Country, State and City listings.  With the addition of the World International, USA National, Countries National and State-wide (Ex. Virginia "State") posting locations, we provide one of the most comprehensive and easily posted event calendars on the Net.  Post can be made in any language and searched by language, or area or both.

If your music organization does not have a web site, our calendar can provide your members with up-to-date information.  If you have national or world engagements, this is an excellent way to post them for free.  Events will automatically terminate the day after the event date.  At World Music List we occasionally post events for artists we would like to promote at our discretion.

If you feel you have benefited financially from your free advertisements with World Music List and would like to contribute a small portion of your earnings to help us continue our free sponsorship of Ads for music professionals and music instrument sales, please check our "Contribution" page and select an option for contributing.  We greatly appreciate you help.  It is our desire to help others like you.  Or you can send a check to the address in our "About Us" section.

World Music List ?:
Consider the conditions.  To advertise a music instrument in a newspaper, it is common to be charged $20.00 a day or more.  In a week or two, this could claim all of the profit in the sale.  As a music professional, these kinds of fees make it prohibitive to do much advertising.  Event posting is either scattered or expensive.  After seeing the movie "A Beautiful Mind" about a man who developed a math formula proving that if many small and large entities such as nations worked together all would benefit.  (Perhaps this inspired the Euro in Europe.)  He won a Nobel prize for math.  We were inspired to develop World Music List in an effort to unite all of the world’s music professionals in a common directory and make it possible for greater trafficking of music instruments for everyone, individual, business and wholesaler, to everyone's benefit.

Our Vision:

If you look for the good in people you will usually find it and if you look for the bad in people you will usually find it, so you need to look for the good.  It is easy to find the bad.  "Lillian Organ Campise"

There is only one good thing (emotion) to use your talents for the good of those around you and yourself. "Louis Gesensway", Philadelphia Composer and 45 year violinist for the Philadelphia Orchestra.

We believe the secret of turning your life around when going through bad times is to get your focus off of yourself and start doing some things (as small as they may be) to help others. When you do this, your situation will start to improve, if not only in your own mind.  

Life is 10 percent about what happens to you and 90 percent about how you react to it. "Charles Swindoll"

World Music List is the child of several other business ventures.  They were promising and provided enough to live day to day, but in a rising climate of accessing fees on those who have little or no say in how much the assessors can extract from one’s budget without any concern for the individual’s ability to pay, we started to squirm under the pressure.  In the field we encountered many requests to sell instruments and for professional services other than those we provided.  We wanted to do something that would benefit many others.  We believe that World Music List is about providing opportunities for many others to benefit.  We believe that is has an 80 percent or greater potential for the benefit of others, yet we hope there is some benefit at some point for us.  We hope, first of all, that if we grow to the point that our traffic requires a dedicated server or a T-1 Internet connection, that it will provide this income.  Second, possibly we will get back our personal financial investment. Third, we dream, we believe everyone should have dreams.  Without them life stops.  We believe in the concept of World Music List and its potential to help many people and perhaps help some of them to continue their personal dreams.

                                                                  Paul J Campise, Founder, World Music List

Contact Information:

Please include one of the 3 following headings in the e@mail subject

Reporting inappropriate posts

For banner ad  inquires:

For password inquires.

World Music List
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